Tactile TT0105

Tactile TT0105
Brand: Tactile Technologies
Product Code: Tactile TT0105
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The TT0105 is the high-performance food retail bar code scanner and the pearl under the horizontal scanners. Designed from a quality point of view, the TT0105 comes with a stainless steel top deck to ensure a long lifetime and with a metal housing.

The TT0105 is well protected against harmful interference from the moving belt’s motor and against electrical static discharge from the operator.

With real vertical scan lines, the need to lift and tilt a product being scanned has disappeared and operator fatigue is reduced. Consequently, checkout efficiency increases.

Light Source 650 nm VLD
Scan Rate 1500 scans per second
Reading Distance 300 mm@EAN 0.33mm/13mil PCS@90%
Interface RS232, USB (USB HID, Virtual COM port), Keyboard Wedge, Powered USB
Readable Symbologies All major standard 1D bar codes, include GS1 databar - Omnidirectional, Expanded and Limited codes.
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