17” Tactile 17K1 Open Frame Touch Screen Monitor

17” Tactile 17K1 Open Frame Touch Screen Monitor

Whether you’re an end user or reseller, if you prioritize value for money, Tactile Technologies’ new open frame monitors are a cut above the competition. Built in a suite of sizes, from 15-inch all the way up to 17-inch, our state-of-the-art touch screen monitors deliver great quality and performance at a low cost. The 17-inch 17K1 open frame touch screen monitor is an exceptionally popular model.

17” Tactile 17K1 Touch Screen Monitor Features

The Tactile 17K1 touch screen monitor has been specially designed to accommodate panel upgrades without the need for any external changes to the monitor itself. The touch screens utilized in the fabrication of the 17” Tactile 17K1 are exceptionally high quality with dazzling brightness, a broad viewing angle and a high contrast ratio for optimal display clarity. The touch technology we employ is Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) on pure glass so the image quality isn’t affected or reduced by the touch screen feature.

In addition to these great features, the 17” Tactile 17K1 comes with a variety of mounting options to suite any installation environment. These include a vertical and horizontal bracket mount and a VESA mount. This open frame touch screen monitor features a dual USB/RS232 touch interface port and DVI and VGA input video format. Last, but certainly not least, this 17K1 offers worldwide agency approvals and waterproof operation, making it a fantastic choice for punishing environments.

17” Tactile 17K1 Touch Screen Monitor Accessories and Applications

The 17” open frame touch screen monitor from Tactile Technologies is supplied with a mount bracket (standard mount brackets for horizontal or vertical mounting), a power supply brick and USB touch cable, video cable and DVI cable.

Applications for the 17K1 are varied and spread across a handsome suite of industries, including banking, transport and ticketing, casino and gaming systems, entertainment, hospitality, outdoor and indoor kiosks and other customized solutions.

Diagonal Size 17.0inch
Aspect Ratio 5:4
Native Resolution 1280 x 1024
Touch Technology
Touch Technology Surface Accoustic Wave
Touch Interface USB/Serial
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