Brand: CITAQ
Product Code: CITAQ H10
Download Datasheet: CITAQ_H10.pdf

The 10" CITAQ H10 is a state-of-the-art POS solution and everything you need to online your business, restaurant, retail store, bank or even healthcare institution! Whatever your industry, niche, business or vertical, if you need to make, manage and issue receipts for orders, reservations, bookings and more, the 10" CITAQ H10 is the technology you need to consider.

The 10" CITAQ H10 performs all the traditional jobs of a POS system, including customer display, receipt printing, cashing, card swiping and touch screen. In addition to this, each unit houses 5 USB ports (3 x external USB, 1 x LAN, 1 x RJ11 for a cash drawer and 1 RS232 ports), which can be used to connect and integrate your business.

The 10" CITAQ H10 is 10 inches in diagonal size with powerful built-in communication modules, including: 

  • Embedded Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n), 
  • 3G (either embedded or optional),
  • Bluetooth (2.1 & 4.0 supported) 
  • And LAN. 

This touch screen POS, which is run by Android 4.2 OS, boasts a 32GB SSD storage capacity, 1.8GHz A9 Quad Core and 1 GB memory (RAM), as well as a dual track 2W speaker and state-of-the-art multi touch capacitive screen. The integrated Seiko 80mm printing technology onboard the 10" CITAQ H10 goes the distance with 200km printing span and a speed of 200mm/s.

Processor 1.8GHz A9 Quad Core
Memory (RAM) 1 GB
Storage 32GB SSD
Operating System Android 4.2
Diagonal Size 10inch
Native Resolution 1024 × 768
Touch Technology
Touch Technology Multi Touch Capacitive
I/O Ports
USB 3 x External
Ethernet 1 x LAN
Audio 2W Speakers
Serial 1x External
Other 1 x RJ11 for Cash Drawer
Method Thermal Line Printing
Width 80mm
Printing Speed Max 200 mm/s
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