23” Tactile 23K1 Open Frame Touch Screen Monitor

23” Tactile 23K1 Open Frame Touch Screen Monitor

The 23K1 is a fantastic addition to Tactile Technologies’ range of LCD open frame SAW touch monitors. This particular model is not only dust-proof, but is also LED backlit, enabling it to function at a much lower rate of power consumption and with lower heat output. The 23-inch open frame touch monitor delivers great performance and quality and, with an extended product life thanks to some innovative new features, offers users and resellers uncontested value for money.

Other open frame touch screen monitors in Tactile Technologies’ range include the 15-inch, 17-inch, 19-inch, 21.5-inch and, the largest, the 27-inch.

23” Tactile 23K1 Touch Screen Monitor Features and Accessories

The 23K1 touch screen from Tactile Technologies has been designed with an attractive and slim profile allowing for easy integration from all sides, including top and bottom. It features a bezel seal standard of IEC IP6X (dust-proof) making this open frame monitor a fantastic solution for more challenging environments such as warehouses, the outdoors, mines, workshops, factories and more.

The 23” Tactile 23K1 – along with the others in the range – are designed to accommodate all future panel changes, which can be easily phased in without any external changes necessary. This feature ensures the extended product cycle of these open frame touch monitors, delivering excellent quality and value for money to end users and resellers alike.

The 23” Tactile 23K1 also features dual VGA and DVI input video format, dual USB/RS232 touch interface port and multiple mounting options courtesy of an included VESA mount and vertical and horizontal bracket mounts. Other accessories supplied with this open frame monitor are a North American, European or Chinese power cable (according to the end user’s area), a power supply brick and USB touch, DVI and video cables.

23” Tactile 23K1 Touch Screen Monitor Applications

The 23K1 open frame monitor from Tactile Technologies boasts a handsome suite of applications in a vast spectrum of businesses and industries. It functions beautifully and comprehensively in applications that range from banking, hospitality and transport to gaming, kiosks, entertainment and transport AND it can be used for customized solutions. This high quality, yet affordable touch screen monitor has worldwide agency approvals and a two-year warranty, making it an excellent choice for any business.

Diagonal Size 23inch
Aspect Ratio 16:10
Native Resolution 1920 x 1080
Touch Technology
Touch Technology Surface Accoustic Wave
Touch Interface USB/Serial
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